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Cheap ink

I’ve been printing like crazy, especially around the first of the month when coupons reset. I hate missing a great deal or moneymaker when the coupon is no longer available! There IS a way to do this WITHOUT breaking the bank.
I frequently use OfficeMax and Staples reward programs.
Step 1 is to SIGN UP. Simply go to and and register. After you have your rewards #’s (and ONLY AFTER!), you can begin shopping there. I always purchase at least $50 at a time to get free shipping to my home.
Step 2: Check out their websites for weekly Max Rewards items (OfficeMax) or single check rebate or reward items (Staples). I ONLY purchase those items. Now, at Staples you CANNOT use your rewards to purchase items with other rewards and earn more. I only use Staples to purchase my printer ink. I will purchase items with rewards and use those rewards to purchase my ink. At OfficeMax, you may “roll” those rewards into items and still earn more rewards. There is an initial investment to get your first set of rewards.
Step 3: Save those used ink cartridges! You can take those to Staples or OfficeMax to get $4-$5 worth of rewards back. Another trick, you can purchase used ink cartridges on Ebay (make sure they are approved for recycling on the Staples or OfficeMax websites) for pennies on the dollar. Then, take in to your store for Reward credit.
I have been able to donate BOXES of paper to my children’s school this way and am stocked up with TONS of office supplies. I have gotten free Laptop and iPad cases, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, paper, and more! I can do all this in my pajamas from the comfort of my home!
Anyone have any more tips or ideas?


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