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Walgreens 1/1/12 Shopping Results

Happy New Years!

How would you like to get all this for $8.19?  Per my receipts, I saved $224.64 (though that is only off the SALE prices!).  Inspired yet?

I love Walgreens.  However, they are the most complicated store to shop at.  You can get the best deals here if you learn the rules.  Just think of this like a game.  You need to figure how much out-of-pocket (cash) you can afford now.  Then, think of it as trading in your cash for Register Rewards (like play-money) and getting a bunch of stuff for doing so.  Every week you can use those Register Rewards to pay for more stuff, which in turn gives you more Register Rewards.  Totally confused yet? Register Rewards look like long coupons that the register spits out after completing a transaction (sale).  You cannot use Register Rewards from product A to pay for product A though.  If you do, you will lose your next Register Reward (one of my hard lessons!).

Any questions? Look up Walgreens policy on their website and check out the previously posted links.  Of course, post your q’s here and I will answer them also!


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